Top 10 Best Digital Cameras Under 300 Dollars 2015 Reviews

Contrary to what many people think, many cheap cameras are as productive as their over-the-top counterparts are. In this review, we highlight some of the best digital cameras under 300 dollars.

10. Canon PowerShot S110 Digital Camera

Tenth on our review of the top 10 best digital cameras under 300 dollars in 2015 is the Power-shot S1 10 Canon digital camera. A favorite among tourists, novice, and professional photographers, this camera is one of the cheapest and feature packed design that you will ever find in the market. Technology wise, the Power Shot S1 10 by Canon has a powerful 24mm wide-Angle lens with 5X optical zoom. If used well, this lens and the sensitive CMOS sensor mounted at the back of this camera will help you treasure good moments in terms of photographs and full high definition 1080p videos. Courtesy of its powerful processor Canon PowerShot S110 is fast. It turns on in a few seconds and captures up to 10 frames per second. The Camera also comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery and built-in Wi-Fi support.

9. Olympus Stylus TG-830 iHS Digital Camera

With the Olympus Stylus TG-830 his digital camera, shooting feature rich photographs and long high definition videos has never been easier. Compared to others in this category, this digital camera has an ergonomic design that fits snugly in the palms when in use. Its casing is also strong and durable; dust proof, freeze proof (up to 10 degrees Celsius) crush proof (up to 220 pounds of force), shock proof (from 6.9 feet), and most importantly, waterproof (up to 33 feet). It performs as required no matter the environment you use it. In addition to its large 3-inch LED display, Magic Art filters, and Automatic Underwater Balance features, the TG-830 his has an integrated e-compass and GPS. With it, you can easily track your location and even peg landmark and GPS locations on the picture or videos that you take.

8. Sony DSC-HX50V/B Digital Camera

Sony DSC-HX50V/B Digital Camera has filled the number eight spot on our review for the following reasons: 1) Point and Shoot interface: With this digital camera, you no longer have to tinker with many settings to shoot stunning images. Its point and shoot design takes care of the donkey work for you. Advanced spec: For its price, the Sony DSC-HX50V/B has an array of interesting features that rival many over-the-top brands. Its lens, for instance, is nothing short of impressive. It is a 3-way active design with 60X Clear Image Digital Zoom and 30X Optical zoom. Its CMOS sensor on the other hand is a 20.4MP high-speed design that works well in low-light environments. Finally, the camera has a dual record button for shooting stills and full HD 1080/60p videos and a large 3-inch screen for previewing created works.

7. Pentax Optio WG-3 GPS Digital Camera

The Optio WG-3 GPS by Pentax is a hardy and feature-packed digital camera with an artistic twist. The camera is light and compact and therefore, suitable for individuals who travel a lot or those who do not like carrying bulky luggage when on safari. Simple as it looks, this camera packs a punch. Its powerful wide-angle lens for example has an integrated triple shake technology that enhances video and photo quality. This interesting digital camera is also dust and shock proof. If you drop it accidentally from 6.5 feet, the risk of damaging its body and or delicate part is low. It is also cold resistant (up to 14 degrees) and water resistant; has a built-in compass, geo tracking, GPS, and wireless recharging capabilities.

6. Nikon COOLPIX L830 Digital Camera

Cheap, ergonomically designed, and with simple and elegant controls, Nikon COOLPIX L830 Digital Camera fills the number six spot on our top 10 best digital cameras under 300 dollars in 2015 review. One of the most interesting features that set this digital camera apart from its competition is its powerful NIKKOR lens with an astounding 34X optical zoom and impressive 68X dynamic fine zoom. Its ability to shoot flawless 1080p HD videos and its high-resolution 2-inch 921,000 dot LCD screen are among many features that continue to please millions of users worldwide.

5. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 Digital Camera

Key features that have earned the Lumix DMC-FZ70 Panasonic digital camera the number five spot on our list include: 1) Wide angle image stabilized lens with 60X optical zoom. You will never miss a memorable moment no matter how far the event is. 2) High definition 1080/60i full video recording with sound and auto focus. 3) 16MP high-speed MOS sensor for low-light shooting. Other features that make it the best in the niche is its blazing speed (five frames per second), continuous AF tracking ability, and Intelligent Auto (iA) features for shooting impressive pictures easily.

4. Nikon COOLPIX L830 Digital Camera

Sleek and with a powerful wide-angle NIKKOR lens (68X dynamic fine zoom and 34X optical zoom), Nikon CoolPix L830 is among the best digital cameras under 300 dollars that is surprisingly very easy to use. Simply turn the camera on, point at a still or moving object and start taking photographs or videos at your convenience. It also features a 3-inch large display LCD screen, powerful CMOS sensor, and a dedicated button you can use to shoot exceptional 1080p Full HD videos.

3. Fujifilm FinePix SL1000 Digital Camera

Loved for its high speed and ability to capture high quality photographs and videos, the FinePix SL100 digital camera by Fujifilm comes third on our list. This camera has an electronic viewfinder with a sensitive eye sensor you can use to take self-photographs when there is nobody to lend a hand. Its 3-inch LCD screen on the other hand has an innovative wide angle tilting feature, which enables you to view your subject from an array of shooting positions (both low and high). Finally, the cameras versatile shooting modes, side lever zooming control, advanced special filters (seven in number), and many other interesting features has made it a favorite of many photographers worldwide.

2. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7K Digital Camera

Key pointers that have earned the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7K digital camera the number two spot on our review are its price, large LCD display, 24mm wide-angle Leica DC vario SUMMILUX lens, and its ability to shoot continuously at high speed. If you like shooting up close pictures or videos and money is a concern, this is the camera for you.

1. Nikon COOLPIX P510 Digital Camera

A best seller in many offline and online stores, Nikon COOLPIX P510 takes the number one spot on our top 10 best digital cameras under 300 dollars in 2015 review. It is light and portable, has a host of interesting features, and is readily available at a cost-effective price.