Top 10 Most Popular and Handsome Korean Actors In 2014

Korean men are among the most handsome people on earth and most women all over the world agree to this fact. When coupled with fame and success, these men are simply irresistible. If you see them in action, you cannot help but fall in love with their films or whatever genre they are involved in.

We have taken our time to research and sample top 10 most popular and handsome Korean actors in 2014. To come up with this list, so many things were looked taken into including their age, height, Facebook likes, their popularity of the their films or music as well as their physique. Here are the top ten hottest Korean actors in the year 2014.

10. Yong Jung Hwa

Yong Jung Hwa
Yong Jung Hwa

This cute Korean star gained his popularity after starring in a Korean drama entitled “You’re Beautiful” which aired in SBS in the year 2009. The drama was later aired in Indonesia with a title of “He is Beautiful” on 26th July 2011. In this drama, Yong Jung Hwa stars as Kang Shin Woo. In addition to acting, this cute Korean actor is the leader of a popular Indie Korea known as CN Blue; with several hits entitled I’m a Loner.

9. Taecyeon


Catapulted into popularity by his rapping skills in the Korea Boyband known as 2PM, Taecyeon is one of the cutest Korean superstars in 2014. He was born in December 27th 1988 and started showing acting skills early in life. Taecyeon migrated to Massachusetts, United States where he auditioned to be model for JYP Entertainment. He now acts in Korean dramas with the most popular being Cinderella STEP SISTER where he features as a baseball player known as Jungwoo.

8. Song Seung Hun

Song Seung Hun
Song Seung Hun

This famous and successful Korean actor is known for staring in the popular dramas including Endless Love and My Princess. Born in October 5th 1976, this 36 years old actor started his acting career in 1995 as a model for a famous Jeans brand STORM. He made his debut in a film titled Calla where he starred with a fellow star Kim Hee-sun. His latest film is “The Messenger” where he features as Moo-Jin, while the latest drama is When a Man Falls in Love.

7. Kim Hyun Joong


Born on June 6, 1986, Kim Hyun Joong is a very popular South Korean entertainer, the main rapper and leader of Korean Boyband SS501 and an actor. His is well known for his dramas including “Boys Over Flowers” where he played the role of Yoo Ji-hoo in 2009-10 and “Playful Kiss” in the year 2010. His filmography this year includes City Conquest and Barefooted Friends.

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6. Choi Siwon

Choi Siwon
Choi Siwon

This handsome South Korean model, actor and singer was born in April 7, 1986 but was officially recorded as February 10, 1987. Just to appreciate how cute and popular this star is, he was among the first four Korean superstars to appear on the Chinese postal stamps. He also boasts as the first Korean actor to hit 3 million followers on social media twitter. He is famous for band shows Super Junior.

5. Kim Soo-Hyun

Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Hyun Joong

This is another of the cutest Korean Drama Actors. He was born in the February 1988 in South Korean. Like most other Korean actors, he is also a singer and a model. Kim Soo-Hyun popularity came from the role he played in the TV series “Dream High” where he stared as Song Sam-Dong and Moon Embracing the Sun as Lee Hwon as Fictional King of Joseon.

4. Jang Geun Seuk

Jang Geun Seuk
Jang Geun Seuk

Born on August 4, 1987, in Danyang County, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, Jang Geun Seuk boasts of being born on the fourth day of the eight month on the Lunar Calendar. He is a truly gorgeous, physically fit and intelligent. His is an actor, a model and singer. He is best known for his leadership role in the drama “You’re Beautiful” as well as in a romantic comedy drama titled “Mary Stayed Out All Night” in the year 2010.

3. Bi Rain (Jun Ji-Hoon)

Bi Rain
Bi Rain

Another captivating and very admirable Korean Drama Actor is the 31-year old Jun Ji-Hoon, often referred to with his stage name Rain. He not only acts dramas, he produces them too. Rain is also a singer, a model, a dancer, songwriter and a designer. Perhaps the most recognized film acted by Rain is Ninja Assassins which was acted and produced in America which made a debut in 2009.

2. LEE Min Hoo

Lin Min Hoo
Lin Min Hoo

Ranked number two is Lin Min Hoo who was born in South Korean District of Dongjak 26 years ago. This gorgeous young singer has his name resounding in the minds of many women not only in Korea but around the world because of his staring in the dramas “Boys Over Flowers”, City Hunters and Personal Taste. This year, Lin Min Hoo announced that he would be making a comeback to the small screen this time round with a new drama entitled “The Heirs”.

1. Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin
Hyun Bin

To crown the top 10 most popular and handsome Korean actors in 2014 is Hyun Bin. This good looking, gorgeous and charismatic south Korean actor was born Kim Tae-Pyung in September 25, 1982. He is popular for the leading role he played in the television films “My Name is Kim Sam-soon” aired in 2005 and the recent Secrete Garden aired in the year 2010.

  • emsi

    for me… KIM NAM GIL is the most HANDSOME actor of korea

    • shiean munoz

      4 me the most handsome actor of korea is KIM BUM ^_^

      • Anna may

        What??? Kim Bum is not on the list? That’s messed up! American girls say among Asian guys, no one is better looking than Kim Bum. He is beautiful and his looks are more perfect than many other Korean actors.

      • jessy

        For me lee dong wook is the sexiest and most handsome in korean even in the world

    • emma

      Kim Nam Gil is definitely handsome. Other guys in these list can’t equal his acting skills and talent. Superbly the best.

      • carmen

        No discussion! Kim Nam Gil is priceless. Unspeakably handsome and exceptionally talented. He’s really special, a real Korean treasure !

        • hyphuw

          He’s really a korean treasure…

    • hyphuw

      Well though for me he’s not the most handsome in Korea, he sure is the best actor I’ve seen. He can easily persuade the viewers by his magical eyes…

  • Eunice

    Lee min ho forever

    • Besttop10tip

      That’s great !.

  • htoo

    why? song joon ki , kim joon from tmax and kim nam gil are not include in this list.

    • cutiepie

      Kim Bum should be number 1 on the list! He is a gorgeous eye candy. So handsome that he makes your heart melt.

  • anne

    i love lee min ho forever,i think he’s the most popular not only in korea but all over asia…i’m a filipino and he has a lot of fans here in the Philippines,,hope “the heirs” will be shown in our country also..thanks!

  • dolma

    I think lee jong suk should also be in the list

  • meynerh

    i think lee minho is the most handsome and even more popular than the rest,i’m a nigerian,and over here,alot of people are crazy over him.lee minho forever!!!

  • Edith haran

    All these guyz are so handsome.woow

  • jerry

    congrats to hyun bin being top 1 of the list looking forward on your next project…

  • Kassyale

    Jang Keun Suk is my favorite Korean actor and singer, He’s completely gorgeous with a great personality and really smart. It’s very rare to find this kind of people. He’s the whole package.

    • Noorjahan

      yeah you are right ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • shealtel christine yang mariano

        yes you’re right,,triple right haha :)

    • MiMi

      Jang Geun Suk has a very sexy voice ^^

      • Jenova

        I like jang geun suk. He has wonderful attitude & best personality. He s handsome.I love him a lot

  • jell

    So Ji Sub is my favourite

    • amy

      Yess ! So Ji-sub really should be on this list. He is sooo charismatic ๐Ÿ˜€ And I’m I the only one realized they got Yong-hwa’s name wrong ? :/

  • mey

    Rain, he is the best to me <3

  • Octha

    Lee min ho, your 2nd handsome.? Yeah, no problem. . I like u

  • Itchay

    They are all gorgeous but I must say you have interchanged the picture if number 7 with number 5.

  • kriss

    It’s LEE MIN HO (not Lin Min Hoo). But yes, my 2 biases are nos. 1 and 2 — great actors and most handsome definitely !

  • Yazzy

    Lee minho oppa is the best ??? sukkie oppa is my second choice for this survey most handsome hehe….

    • Noorjahan

      Yes he is “The Best” :-) :-)

  • Alyssa

    Where is Song Joong Ki, So Ji Su, Kim Woo Bin and Won Bin???

  • Noorjahan

    Hey i like LeeMinHo<3 very much i m happy dat he stood at 2nd place i m even happy seeing JangKeunSuk:-)

  • may thet

    for me Lee Min Ho is the best korea actor

  • Sirrissa

    I think you got the picture of Kim Hyun Joong wrong. I saw that a picture of him was posted as someone else, can you also fix this mistake please and….KIM HYUN JOONG is the best actor/singer in Korea! He is also one of the sexiest and most handsome men on the face of the earth! I LOVE HIM! <3 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • linda lim ling ling

    it is a pity that lee min ho is ranked 2nd popular actor …..he is much more handsome n cuter than hyun bin….n how come lee jong suk(i hear your voice) is not on the list….he is a great actor too…

    • kim joo di

      I dont think s. Hyun bin is really better than lee min ho

      • Besttop10tip

        That’w why Hyun Bin is number 1

  • Somaia

    Hyun bin <3 <3

  • Milena

    And where is Lee Seung Gi? He is number 1 for me :)

    • chamitlau

      Yea Lee seung Gi is nice guy,and popular,cutes i like him but hes not handsome at all ah hahaahh
      Hyun Bin is the best,he deserved to win
      Congratulation Kim Tea Pyung…:)

      • milena

        I think Lee Seung Gi is gorgeous and very handsome :) I expected to find him at least somewhere in top 3. Anyway… i do approve the first place of Hyun Bin, he is my second favorite korean actor :)

        • Lisa

          I respect ur opinion, but a lot of other people commented online saying lee seung gi is not good looking at all. Not coming from my opinion. I just telling you what I’ve read.

    • yuri

      and where is jr he is # 1 for me also

  • Nikky

    Lee min ho should be the first cutest korean actor,,i’m a Nigerian but i love him so much and he’s much handsome than others.

  • kim

    Park Yoochun is not on the list!!! I really like him…

  • loli

    and kim boom?

    • Jamie

      Don’t you mean KIM BUM? and yes I agree…he is one of the hottest and most handsome actors of Korea.

  • daisy mae sumile

    its not to bad that lee min ho number 2 in the ranked,i like you all-mabuhay,,mahal ko kayo

    • Besttop10tip


  • debora

    lee min ho ,, you are awesome ,, we’re proud of you ,, don’t care who’s number our lee min ho still in minoz’s heart

  • debora

    they are handsome

  • Amy

    Oh btw it’s still Kim Hyun Joong under the name Kim Soo Hyun! and for me Lee Min Ho is and always will be number one! n then Sukkie <3

  • Hiatus

    and where’s my TABI?????? T.O.P is the most handsome and charismatic actor. The Beauty of Jamshil. every noona’s and his sunbae’s loves him. tsktsk. how could you not to include him here? and also my precious Seung Ho. He’s young and in the military service right now but you can’t deny he’s too perfect to be handsome.

    Actually 5 out of 10 here on the list are not deserving to be here. T.O.P, Seung Ho, Jung Il Woo, Jo In Sung and Won Bin oppa. Where are they? O.o

  • Latifeh

    In my opinion Lee min Ho in number 1 …
    Park yoochun is number 2
    And jang woo young is number 3 …

    I don’t agree this list…it’s really bad

  • Dany ladino

    mi favorito hyun bin el # 1

  • Priya

    Forever Choi Si Won <3

  • 19rayme

    ..yah!! why is it that lee jong suk does not belong to this list!!.. and song joong ki also!!..

  • Dana

    Not fair where is Kim bum he must be there and also Kim joon and Kim hyun Joong must be better than 7 not fair :(

  • Anna

    hyun bin no1 <3

  • njoku flourish

    kim soo hyun is the cutest korean actor am a nigerian but i love soo hyun u are awesome .

  • njoku flourish

    lin min hoo u are awesome i love u

  • Bechai Hipolito

    Congrats, Hyun Bin! You deserved it! More power to your career, be healthy and keep safe always.

  • sonam yangden

    For me lee min ho is best among all the korean actors.,its great he stood in 2nd position.,luv u alwayz n 4eva..,n m from Bhutan.,

  • sandra

    Lee min ho all d way….. M his biggest crush

  • Vianny

    Lee min ho is d first for me…..i love u lee min ho

  • Dana

    For me Kim hyun Joong is the best. And he deserves to be the first and lee min ho the second

    • Grace


  • FOUF

    Wohooo , my hyun bin is definitely #1 , and really all of them is good looking and sooo handsome and very talented actors .. hmmm i think lee jun ki and song joong ki are missed in this list n.n
    Btw i’m from saudi arabia and we love korean Drama it is the best ever ^^~

    • Besttop10tip

      He the best and talent one . That’s why he got number 1.

  • desolah

    My number 1 will always be kim hyun joong. I also think lee min ho, Hyun bin, kim beom, Gong Yoo, kim joon, T.O.P, Rain are very gorgeous. Currently I am loving Lee joon gi. my opinion is these guys are all handsome and it is never going to be possible for the list to be perfect.(Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder)

    • Kdrama viewer

      I get what u sayin’, but no matter what, folks cannot deny kim beom is cute! It’s obvious.

  • me

    for me,PARK SHI HO is first, JUNG GUN SUK is second, CHOI SI WON is third.

  • comfort

    Lee min hoo forever! I’m so tripping here

  • tobie

    Lee min ho foreva…ji hoo oppa u also rock

  • kate

    well i truly believed that jang keun suk should be on top of the list .. he has great looks + great voice + smart + talented = complete package!! hmm.. lee min ho is also a great contender! sukie forever

  • may ann dinopol

    why choi minho is not included? how come he’s one of my favorite actor…..
    but my most idol are jang geun suk and lee min ho.. they are best in acting.

  • Ennakin

    where is kim bum and kim ji hoon??? I mean these guys should be on the list.

  • Nazy

    Lee minho 4 ever

  • Chloe

    I like LEE MIN HO but how about SONG JOONG KI, PARK YOO CHUN and KIM SANG BUM they are also cute.. And I like them too and they are like the other men listed as well,. .:(

  • Samantha

    KIM HYUN JOONG and HYUN BIN the epithome of beauty ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Azah

    Nice list but i personally think Kim Hyun Joong should have been in a better ranking and I would guess Micky Yoochun and Lee Seung Gi and Kim Bum are seriously handsome, but yea everyone has they’re own taste.

  • midoshi

    Where is Lee joon ki, this is a worst list. Lee joon ki must be the first

  • polin

    Lee min ho is da best n i agree that kim bum should be added in the list as he is lee min ho best friend n he is handsome too

    • Colleen

      In and other websites, Kim Bum was voted most handsome F4! Second place is lee min ho, then comes kim hyun joong. To be realistic, certain guys look as handsome as Kim Bum. However, I agree that no one is better looking than KIM BUM bcuz he’s perfect.

  • lulu

    Lee min ho is popular in africa! He is very vert very vert cute!! Number one LEE MIN HO…

  • Adeola

    Lee min ho oppa is the first while kim hyun joon is the second,i am nigeria i love d both of them

  • sally

    lee min ho is the best for me !!! and i think not only for me.. i think he should be the 1st, and btw where is song joong ki or lee seung gi or park yoochun/ ::::

  • Ashinsana

    I think kim bum is the most handsome actor! he is a cute oppa! I really love him!

  • Guria

    The one and only Lee Min ho…… hey you are the bessssttttttt……

  • Kim Chan Yeon

    nah! most handsome is Luhan from Exo !!

  • oby lee min hoo

    I love lee min hoo,he is cute,handsome,no lee min hoo no korean film,I love u.

  • Charm

    I’d choose KIM SANG BUM… He is cute and he is an epitome of beauty… But I am looking for my INNOCENT MAN (SONG JOONG KI).. Oooh! Chinchaah Yeppudah.. :)

  • megha ahmed

    why Lee MinHo is 2nd?he is the best!and why didn’t you put Song jong ki’s name?don’t agree with this list.

  • Morenikeji

    Oh my gosh! Havent you guyz heard or watched Iljimae………what an interesting movie…actually,I cnt remember his real name but he’s handsome,good looking nd cute…..Lee Min Ho,I knew you would b among nd it’s true,,,good….where is Kim Bum???:-O:-(

  • Morenikeji

    Lee Min Ho,,,wat a good looking guy…..he’s actually handsome…….People are really crushing on you over here…Keep it up

  • Tia

    Ya forgot 2 mention hyun bin & park yoochun. Their names came up the most on dis list too.
    Song joong ki and kim bum both have baby face, but kim bum is handsome for sure. Song joong ki is 28 but the guy looks naive and immature. Not coming from my opinion. Just telling ya what I heard other folks say.

  • yuri

    korean stars are definetly handsome and beautiful:):):):)::::::::::::):):)lol………

  • jenna

    Kim Bum should be in the top 5. He’s gorgeous and so cute! Some guys do look as good as him, but no one is better looking than KB.

  • reen

    where’s so ji sub? lol.. this is not the list!

  • caroline

    Bi rain,lee min ho,kim kyung joong and kim bum re the preetiest and the cutest actors as 4 me!

  • sh

    lee min ho is the best and number one is lee min ho i love you oopa

  • Grace


  • dayana

    LoVe lee min ho so cute ^-^ !!!!!!

  • dayana

    Lee Min Ho u are very cute!!!!
    Choi siwon u are very handsome!!!!
    LoVe u 4ever…

  • Heather

    I love Lee Tae Sung. I think he’s adorable and handsome but also quite funny and goofy ????

  • lmh lover

    it’s LEE MIN HO not LIN MIN HO…

    • Besttop10tip

      Done changed .

  • BOFlover

    EVERYBODY, JUST ADMIT THAT KIM BUM IS BEAUTIFUL. He is the epitome of Asian male beauty. We all know he’s one of the most handsome guys on the planet.

  • Galiswe

    I am a great admirer of Lee Min Ho and Jang Guen Seuk ……… i love their acting skills and we have a lot of fans here in India (Kerala ). we love you and support you…. :)
    saranghe oppaa <3

  • Kima

    Kim hyun joong, Rain & Jang geun suk <3 Can't choose!!

  • marianne

    Yh,Lee Min ho,kim bum and jang geun suk are really really handsome but phillip lee is one of the most handsome.With gorgeous big eyes,full sexy lips and a cute nose,he’s one of the most beautiful men in the world.And his smile *sighs,he definitely makes my heart beat faster though he’s not very popular

    • YG

      phillip lee is good looking but NOT popular. Lee Min Ho and jang geun suk are among the hottest K-actors. Kim Bum is truly one of the most handsome guys in the world. He is perfect from head to toe. He still looks gorgeous without make-up. Cannot find any flaws upon the looks of this beautiful actor.

  • daya

    where is Joo Won and So Ji Sub?

  • ad

    for me lee min ho is the best and will always be in no 1

  • Michelle

    I think Lee Min Ho must be at the top1 in rank… He is a very well-known actor in asia.. despite of that, He is a very nice actor of all.. I bet Lee Min Ho to be at the 1st rank…

    • Besttop10tip

      Hyun Bin is rated number 1 . not sure he can keep his position . Maybe next year will be Lee Min Ho.

    • neshryne

      yeah you are right

  • athens

    God for me, Lee Min Ho is my apple of my eye

  • ImN’axa Didam

    for me he is the most handsome guy in the world..i love

    Yong Jung Hwa.

  • ImN’axa Didam

    next to

    Yong Jung Hwa


    jang Geun Seuk

  • xohmyitsme

    You used Kim Hyun Joong’s picture for Kim Soo hyun lol

  • polyana

    where’s my Lee Jong Suk in the list?

  • Misaki Uzumaki

    I love Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong but i cant find Kim Bum in this list….
    look at his pic….he is really Handsome
    and i really think Lee MIn Ho should be placed 1rst in this list…also Kim Hyung Joong is far better than the 7th place in this list….
    I love the cast in ‘Boys over flowers’ they are all so handsome…

    and why is there a pic of Kim Hyun Joong where it is titled Kim Soo Hyung???

    • sierra

      Ya I can’t find kim bum anywhere, and lee min ho should be #1 I LOVE LEE MIN HO

  • Chameleonen

    The picture of Kim Soo-Hyun is not him but of Kim Hyun Joong, so please change the photo. Otherwise I agree to these 10 Korean actors to be the best, though my priority would be different as Kim Soo-Hyun has recieved a price for best leading actor at his young age and that makes him number 1.

    • sha

      i’ll definitely agree with you kim soo hyun’s acting performance is on highest level as evidenced by the success of his tv dramas like dream high, the moon embraces the sun and finally my love from another star plus his movies were successful too. kim soo hyu oppa fighting!

      • Jen Margaret Carbonel Andres

        I concur.. kim soo hyun is really amazing..aside from being so handsome his acting can really capture the heart of the viewer . I love the way he act and most especially when he sng and dance in dream was so awesome.. I love kim soo hyun so much..

        • jonnamie garban

          same as you… i love him too…

  • Dyna Zulhalmi

    Why Lee Min Ho is at top 2 ….. he is good to be at top 1

  • krishna sree kakani

    max changmin is the best and most handsome cute guy.if i were u i would have suggested him as the top handsome actor and singer.

  • marianne brezuela

    Why is the photo of my kim soo hyun missing???? really? the writer of this article put kim hyun joong’s photo instead? now girls you are missing the face of the cutest and the best korean actor in the world!!!!

    • sha

      so true kim soo hyun is one of the most popular actor in korea today! his acting is superb so please change the picture immediately haha. saranghae kim soo hyun oppa! and where the hell is Song Joong ki and Park Yoochun? this should be updated!

      • Jonah Jumawan

        yeah. i agree with you sha. Kim soo-hyun is so cute & handsome. he is good actor. I also love him. Also
        my other favorite Soo Joong Ki is missing..i think this article is not updated.

    • Yourewrong

      You know that he is in the photo,right??

  • Teresa Mambiar

    still and will still be on the top…all time favorite!!!!

  • Guest

    Wow …..Wait a second……Where’s SO JI SUB ??? So unfair ….

  • Bella

    Wow …. Wait a second. Where’s SO JI SUB ???
    Hyun Bin ????? Really??? – Not this time, not this year . So unfair…..

  • laks

    kim soo hyun is the cutest :p
    lee min ho’s nose is too big and ugly D;

  • Mary Belle

    Kim Hyun Joong is definetly better than to be #7 .. to me he’s #1 .. <3<3

  • Gray-z

    Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi ang Goong Yoo for me. :)

  • Nowrin Haque

    i dont agree with your list at all. i know much better looking and hotter korean actors.. most of these ones are lame…



  • Dong Bin

    Where is Kim Soo Hyeon???

  • Loveyakimbum

    I can’t agree with this…..i m not able to find kim bum and i dont think its fair……..ALL THE GIRLS ARE CRAZY ABOUT HIM INCLUDING ME ..
    Saranghae oppa @kim bum

  • Kathleen Joyce

    Jang Geun Suk <3

  • Ms. Beloved

    Wrong Pic of Kim so Hyun.

  • Ry Kah

    Choi siwon so handsome !! :)

  • reethika

    Whoa…jung yong hwa is my fav in this list

  • Alegria Elnar Modina

    i think it would be yoo seung ho is the most handsome of all korean actor

  • Jonah Jumawan

    Yeah..three of my favorites were included..lee min ho, jang geun suk & park soo-hyun..but where’s d photo of soo-hyun? is this updated? if so, where’s soo joong ki of the highest grossing korean movie of 2013 A werewolf boy? & park yoochun of missing you?

  • Ari

    Who made this????
    1. HIS NAME IS JUNG YONGHWA not Yong junghwa
    2. the guy you said to be Kim Soohyun IS ACTUALLY A PHOTO OF KIM HYUNJOONG

    WHAT THE FRICK REALLY??? -_-;;;;

  • SFJK


  • Safouene Lejmi

    yes, i agree that Lee Minho should be at the top of these actors !

  • Zahra

    You must be forgotten about lee jong suk, song joong ki and kim soo hyun! None of them are go under the knife????

  • Zynnia

    I think Im Jae Bum should be on 1st….like in 2013 he was in 1st…and I think next year Jae Bum would be on 1st…..Jae Bum is very- very much popular in Asia….and u all may know that Asia is the largest continent…and every person of Asia like Jae, I think that Im Jae Bum should be on top…. and u can see how cute +handsome Jae Bum is….

  • Yeil Jean Davis Clotario

    I LOVE THEM <3

  • damia

    i think jang geun suk number 2


    where is kim bum ????? :/

  • Laura Holmes

    How come TOP is not on here?

  • sierra

    Lee min ho is the best #boys over flowers……..but where is kim bum?

  • Mlle

    Kim Bum is my Korean crush! he’ll always be my number 1.

  • patrice lovelace ?

    Rain doesn’t produce or direct dramas or movies, not yet anyway

  • Neko

    I can’t believe won bin is not in the list.

  • lee ann ariston

    kim soo hyun must be in rank 1. he is the most handsome i ever known

  • hyun lover

    i think hyun bin deserved that he is number 1 and he will be always number 1 he is my best actor ilove him verry much

  • IriSh

    Kim Huyn Joong is the best That’s why the writer put 2 piv of him XD

  • IriSh

    Kim huyn Joong is The best That’s why the writer pu 2 pic of him

  • BrookeD.

    WTF! , this list is missing ALOT lol.. Lee Seung Gi is the most handsome thing on earth!, why is he not included!! and wat about Kim Soo Hyun!.. But anyway who cares about this list lol..

  • Anoora

    I think you have wrong photo for the fifth guy. please put the correct one. Amen.

  • Leevannak

    Oh my god ., Lee Minho is should be the first of the top ten rank .. I wish the next competition will be him .. We love u Lee Minho ..

  • ruth baibex wa alex

    i love lee min ho he deserve to be on the first rank because of the boys before flowers and other episode he has acted

  • jonnamie garban

    where is the photo of my idol kim soo hyun? why it is missing.? instead of kim soo hyun’s photo,kim hyun joongs photo was place. i am so upset!!!

  • jonnamie garban

    removed the photo of kim hyun joong and replace it of kim soo hyun’s photo and i prefer that kim soo hyun would be ranked 1!!!

  • sofia

    lee min hoo should rank 1st… he really deserves it.. kim bun is missing..bun has a cute&pleasent smile..rank him in 2nd position…

  • fateme

    Im iranian girl. Here kim hyun joon& lee min ho are the most popular ….
    I think just beacuse they heir
    but i think iranian guys are beautifull than korean ones .like milad keymaram& mehrdad sedighian& mostafa zamani& …….
    If you dont knew theme you can serch & see with your eyes