Top 10 Things To Do In Chiang Mai Thailand 2015

Chiang Mai is a place that is full of great potential in terms of holiday destination. Chiang Mai is a Thailand second largest city with a population of around one million people. Here are top ten things that one can do on a visit to Chiang Mai.

Visit Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon is the highest peak that is found in Thailand and it rises at 2,565 meters ASL. This is a place that is known as a sanctuary that has a wide range of animal species and it is the best place that one can decide to visit in order to get the different animal species in Thailand. This place has a great history and it’s known for its natural beauty.

Bo Sang Handicraft Village

Is a place that is known for its handcrafting of parasols and umbrellas in Bo song village which is known for this abroad as well as in the whole of Thailand. A visit here on holiday, you will find hand-painted umbrellas as well as patios among other homemade products. All this is made from the Sa paper that are designed differently and they are sold at very reasonable prices.

Go to Wat Pra Sing

top 10 thing  to do in Chiang Mai
top 10 thing to do in Chiang Mai

This is a place that is located in the center of the old city and it has a remarkable temple. There are English speaking young monks who practice their English skills here. Tourists are encouraged to participate in water ceremonies where there are temple blessings that are conducted. In case you like about Buddhism, then this is the place to visit.

Night Bazaar

This runs in each night and it is pretty quite at the night when there is a market. Here, you will get clothing, DVD’s, paintings, artwork as well as handicrafts. You will find the best foods on offer and they are found behind the MCDonalds. In this place one of the best talented artists that are founds in this kingdom are found here.


When it comes to massage, Chiang Mai has one of the cheapest massage in Thailand and they are done for around 200 baht in every hour. There is foot massage that takes place here and this will leave you looking for more. Visit Loh Kroi and this will definitely be the place to find the best massage that is at an affordable price.

Airport Central Center

This is a place that is located near the airport and it is just a short drive in order to reach the center of the city. This place has over 5 floors and it has all the suspects that are in Mcdonals, KFC as well as the Swenson. This place that is in Chiang Mai has great furniture and clothing that one can do shopping as well as enjoy the great local food in the area. On top floor of this complex, there are cinemas that go around in this place. You can occupy yourself with the retail lovers in the day.

Hire a Motorbike to Ride Around Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a place that can best be accessed by use of a motorbike that and you can be able to visit each and every place in a more convenient manner. There is availability of motorbikes for around 15 to 250 baht per day which is one of the best and effective means around the city. Just one golden rule, wear a helmet when you are on ride with a motorbike. The road signs are clearly written in English and you are assured that you won’t get confused.

Karaoke Bars

There are great karaoke bars that one can enjoy on a holiday in Chiang Mai. The clubs have great names like music room, Palace KTV and Night Station and they are just a 2 minute ride away from each other by use of a motorbike. This is a great place to get a night entertainment where there are beers and there is music with backup singers to make sure you get maximum fun.

Loh Kroi Road

A visit to this place is really wonderful. There are shops, travel agents as well as beer bars. There are plenty of girls who are ready to play the ball and there is a stretch of pool tables in every bar that you visit.

Chiang Dao Cave

A visit to this cave is a real wonder in Chiang Mai. There are Buddhist Shrines and limestone formations that are really spectacular. They are illuminated by electric lights and the upper arts pitch black and you will get local guides to lead you.